We like to keep our cakes and tarts as pure and simple as possible; that means keeping our list of ingredients as simple as possible.
Our policy is if you don’t find it in your kitchen cupboard at home you won’t find it in a DessertFirst tart or cake.

We know that healthy food choices are important to people so when you need that little sweet treat rest assured that we use only
quality ingredients like Irish Butter and fresh eggs in all our baking so your indulgence can be as guilt free as possible.


Apple Tart

A handmade butter shortcrust pastry crust filled with Irish Bramley Apples – just like Granny used to make. Delicious served warm with softly whipped cream – why mess with a classic!

600g: 5-6 servings

Rhubarb Tart

A real Irish favourite – tangy Rhubarb filling in a butter shortcrust pastry base. We Irish love our Rhubarb and this tart shouldn’t disappoint. Delicious served warm with vanilla ice cream.

600g: 5-6 Servings

Apple Bakewell Tart

A very traditional pudding harking back to Granny’s kitchen – a butter shortcrust pastry base, topped with Irish Bramley Apple, light and fluffy Victoria sponge and finished with crunchy flaked almonds. Delicious served warm with vanilla custard.

600g: 5-6 servings

Iced Cupcakes

Our simple Iced Cupcakes are great for an everyday treat – just the right size for a lunchbox, a mid afternoon snack with that well earned cuppa, or just handy to have for those unexpected visitors. We use a traditional Victoria sponge mix made using Irish butter and eggs topped with a simple glace icing and colourful sugar strands

Pack size: 6 x 35g

Apple and Cinnamon Tea Time Treats

Perfect at any time with a cuppa or as a mini dessert served warm with custard, these are a real favourite. A layer of buttery shortcrust pastry, bramley apple, a hint of cinnamon topped with a light vanilla sponge.

Pack size: 4 x 45g

Vanilla Cupcakes

A great hit with kids, young and old! A buttery vanilla sponge topped with just enough vanilla buttercream and finished with chocolate candies.

Pack size 4 x 45g

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Coming originally from the USA, Red Velvet cupcakes have become a popular treat on this side of the Atlantic in recent years. A deliciously light chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream and finished with a white or dark chocolate curl, they are sure to please.

Pack size 4 x 45g


As traditional as the famous Waterford ‘Blaa’, Chesterbread was a regular after school treat for many of our parents and grandparents. Each bakery had its own version and secret recipe, with the famous ‘Greenbank Bakery’ in Waterford often mentioned as a favourite place to buy some. Sadly The Greenbank closed in the 1990’s.

DessertFirst Chesterbread is made using a traditional recipe – a very moist fruity middle, full of juicy sultanas and a hint of mixed spice sandwiched between two layers of buttery shortcrust pastry.

Pack size 2 x 60g